Keeping cameras out of the Supreme Court

On January 20, almost thirty-two million Americans watched the president, amid the pageantry and pomp, deliver his State of the Union.  Each day, anyone can turn his television to C-SPAN and watch congressmen discuss new legislation.  But one branch of government remains closed to media prying – the United States Supreme Court. Throughout its history, the Court has never allowed cameras inside its hallowed chambers.  A bastion of calculated progress, the Court “will often choose to be late to the harvest of American ingenuity,” wrote Chief Justice John G. Roberts in his 2014 Annual Report.  Yet many believe that the lack of cameras obstructs democracy and deprives citizens of the opportunity to observe the daily business of the Court. But they’re wrong. The democracy argument is thin.  Yes, showing a video could be a tremendous civics tool, but how many teachers use Senate floor debates in their classrooms?  Few.  For...(Read Full Post)