Family Fake-kidnaps own Child

What on Earth were these people thinking? A Missouri mother had her 6-year-old son faux abducted by a coworker of the child’s aunt as a way to teach the boy a powerful lesson about the potential perils of stranger danger.  From NBC News:  A 6-year-old Missouri boy was led to believe he'd been kidnapped, shown a gun, and threatened with being sold into "sex slavery" -- and it was all part of an alleged plot to teach the boy a lesson because he was "too nice" to strangers, authorities said.  [snip] On Monday, Firoved allegedly kidnapped the child after he got off a school bus and said he would never "see his mommy again," authorities said. Firoved also showed a handgun to the now-sobbing boy, then drove around in his truck, and finally tied him up and covered his face with a jacket when the child wouldn't stop crying. The blindfolded child was then taken to family's home, put in the basement, and his aunt...(Read Full Post)