Bill Nye and the Gore Effect

Far more predictable than the weather is the irony of another global warming alarmist speaking out during a record-breaking cold snap. Remember in 2009 when “the biggest global warming protest in history” set to take place in Washington, DC was shut down due to a snowstorm? This phenomenon was dubbed the “Gore Effect.” This week Bill Nye, “The Science Guy” was the latest casualty of the Gore Effect. He gave an interview to MSNBC discussing global warming while much of the country was in a deep freeze. But he strategically chose to use the term “climate change” rather than “global warming” in light of record breaking cold temperatures this week. The climate indeed changed this week, from cold to freezing. “Millions will shiver from Chicago to New York City as record lows are challenged during this bitter blast” according to Accuweather. Going further they predicted, “In the mid-Atlantic, some daily...(Read Full Post)