Are the Clintons ready to 'Slime'?

As I told a couple of Democrat friends, Bill Clinton was rather lucky in 1992. In other words, he had Ross Perot taking 19% of the vote. He got 43% and won! Hillary Clinton won't be so lucky: 1) No Perot to divide the white middle-class vote 2) A political landscape where she owns President Obama's foreign policy and an economy that few people are happy about. Maybe this is why "the war room" is suddenly "the slime room", according to Maureen Dowd: "Once they had the sly James Carville, fondly known as “serpenthead.”  Now they have the slippery David Brock, accurately known as a snake. Brock fits into the Clinton tradition of opportunistic knife-fighters like Dick Morris and Mark Penn." The Clintons are getting ready to do two things: 1) They want to send a message to any challenger that they've got the money and will spend it to destroy you. Are you listening,...(Read Full Post)