ACLU: Banning Obscene Rap at Parade Is Racist

In an attempt to keep the upcoming annual Mardi Gras parade family-friendly, the St. Martinville, LA police have asked participants to refrain from playing rap music with vulgar lyrics. The American Civil Liberties Union’s Louisiana chapter has issued a warning letter to the police that the music policy could lead to “racial profiling” in the black majority city of 7,100 in the middle of Cajun and Creole country and which was incorporated in 1817. “We have learned from the Teche News (Jan. 28, 2015) that the St. Martinville Police Department has agreed to enforce rules banning ‘floats playing rap music with obscene lyrics,’” wrote ACLU of Louisiana Executive Director Marjorie Esman, who accused the cops and the parade sponsor – the Newcomers Club – of issuing rules for the Feb. 15 event that are vague and not constitutionally enforceable. "Things like vulgar lyrics," Esman explained. "There is no legal...(Read Full Post)