Why Obama gives Netanyahu the cold shoulder

We are in the midst of remembering the horrors of the Holocaust.  Last night, Schindler’s List played on TV uninterrupted by any commercials.  The Holocaust represents one of the darkest times in world.  It was a true example of the horror of human brutality.  More than 6 million members of the Jewish faith were exterminated as if they were vermin.  Many who were not Jewish were caught up in the slaughter, as the Nazis did not spend much time refining their selection of whom to murder.  Never again.  The Jewish State of Israel knows that there are many in the modern world who would, unimpeded, commit the same atrocities against the Jewish people.  The State of Israel has vowed to never let such a threat to their race, to their culture, or, to their homeland happen again.  Surrounded in the Middle East by Muslim states, many of whom harbor extremist terrorists, Israel must be always vigilant. Now comes Prime Minister...(Read Full Post)