What if the Christian Church were more Islamic?

The hypocrisy of the left is no more apparent than when they overlook the practice of “uninhibited” Islam in predominantly Muslim countries while embracing what they espouse is a religion of peace and freedom.

Let’s assume for a moment that in some countries other than America, the Christian Church decided to embrace some Islamic practices, such as stoning; honor killings; making homosexuality a crime punishable by death; wife-beating; public whipping, flogging, or lashing; cutting off limbs as punishment for theft; and all the degrading sharia laws against women of all ages.

Are we to believe that if the above scenario actually happened, every single person on the left wouldn’t immediately condemn Christianity and call for the immediate closing or destruction of every single church in America?

Let’s take it a step farther and imagine an organized militant offshoot of Christianity that has as its mission to kill all those who do not call on the name of Jesus and convert to Christianity and to set up the “kingdom of God” here on Earth where the laws of God will rule.  Let’s also imagine that these militant Christians have blown up buildings in the past, killing thousands of innocent people, and continue to this day killing and beheading thousands of people in the name of Jesus.  And imagine that these militants cry out “Jesus saves” while performing these horrific terrorist attacks and killings.

How would the left react to such a thing today?  Would they call these militants an organic movement outside the “true” Christian faith and say that they aren’t really Christians and don’t represent true Christianity?  Would they continue to say that Christianity is a religion of peace and freedom? Would they refuse to use the term “Christian” when referring to these people and their actions?  Would leftist organizations, including many colleges and universities, continue to open their arms to the practices of Christianity and push tolerance of the “misunderstood” religion?

These scenarios raise the question: if Christianity were more Islamic, would the left embrace it, or are hypocrisy and double-standards just the norm for those on the left who refuse to acknowledge the truth about Islam and its terrorist offshoots?