Pew poll shows Americans don't really care about global warming

The latest poll by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press shows clearly that Americans don't really care about global warming.  Out of 23 public priorities, global warming ranked second to last, just ahead of the vague "global trade" priority.

Only 15 percent of Republicans ranked "dealing with global warming" as a top priority for the president and the Congress in 2015, placing it dead last by a mile among all priorities for those on the right side of the political spectrum.  Even Democrats didn't rank global warming as a high priority, putting it mid-range among the 23 options.  Independents ranked global warming second lowest among the options, tied with "supporting scientific research" in the basement of the priority list.

Age wasn't a major player, either.  The 18- to 29-year-old group ranked global warming as the fourth lowest of the 23 priorities, the 30-49 year old cohort ranked it second lowest, 50-64 year olds placed it fourth lowest, and the 65+ age group ranked it second lowest.

Whether it is the young or the old, or those on the right or left of the political spectrum, Americans simply do not rank global warming as a high priority.