The Most Unlikely Hero for Conservatives: Justice Sotomayor

Nine days after former New York assistant district attorney and current U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor exclaimed, "We can't keep bending the Fourth Amendment to the resources of law enforcement,” a Richmond lobbyist for Virginia’s sheriffs was attempting to kill an historic “Fourth Amendment for the 21st Century.” As explained last week, “The proposed amendment [to the Virginia Constitution] clarifies that unreasonable searches and seizures may not be made of our digital data (i.e., e-mails and data stored on computers or cell phones).  This is a logical extension of ‘papers and effects’ from James Madison’s 18th-century version.” The proposed amendment also clarifies “Madison’s version [which] did not clearly define terms such as ‘probable cause’ or ‘unreasonable searches and seizures.’  That has created lots of litigation and thousands of pages...(Read Full Post)