The Battle of Paris

The problem with our public intellectuals and politicians is that they cannot believe that everybody does not want to live as we do, and live with our values.  Thus the provenance of the search for "moderate Muslims," meaning Muslims who want to live as we do.   But suppose that in order to be a good Muslim you have to participate in jihad, in the advancement of Islam through the slaughter of its enemies – i.e., nonbelievers.  We call these warriors terrorists because they make war on non-combatant men and women and children – activities prohibited by the Geneva Conventions, which prohibition is the purpose of the Geneva Conventions. But suppose that Islam has a different theory of war – that infidel women support infidel warriors and infidel children will grow up to be enemies of Islam.  Then, if you are a Muslim who opposes eliminating them, you are a bad Muslim, not a moderate Muslim. The position of Israel is similar....(Read Full Post)