Silence of the Lamb

If anyone has had lingering doubts about whether or not President Obama is a weak leader, those doubts have been obliterated by his pathetic response, or non-response, to the terrorist attacks in Paris.  He could hardly be bothered to comment, let alone muster any passion or anger.  As usual, the administration's oh so carefully constructed "statements" were nothing but calculated blather, cleansed of any word that might be misconstrued as blame on the perpetrators or Islam. Worse than his wishy-washy verbal comments is his failure to show up, or send a representative of the administration to the massive rally in Paris in support of the victims of those attacks.  Yes, the terrorist-defending Eric Holder was in the vicinity, but only to spew out more of the same drivel Josh Earnest and Obama  produce – words designed to be so thoroughly inoffensive to anyone they are meaningless to everyone.  What did he do instead?  He watched...(Read Full Post)