NYT: Even Republicans fear global warming!

The New York Times has a breathless announcement: Most Republicans Back Climate Action! Except, it's not most Republicans; by the Time's own numbers, it's only 48%, and even that number is very suspect. If they can't honesty portray their own cooked up numbers, how honest can the underlying poll be? This is the classic way that the Left shifts public opinion; they cook up a poll, produce results they like, and then use it as a club to make whatever they want. They can get the results they like either by leading questions, asking unrepresentative samples, or just by plain making things up. The New York Times, making things up? They would never do that! Or would they? This is the same New York Times that knowingly covered up evidence of the Holocaust as it occurred, as well as the worst atrocities committed by Stalin in the slaughter of his own people. Let's start by looking at who conducted this poll. It was conducted by the New York Times (Left bias),...(Read Full Post)