Justice for terrorists must be swift and sure

Why do they try to capture a terrorist?  Nidal Hasan’s shooting wasn’t videotaped, but his body count is two higher than the event in Paris.  Yet what of Major Hasan?  Swift justice?  Or "out of sight, out of mind"?  Still no execution date for Hasan.  And as the president empties GITMO, what of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?  KSM has been out of the loop for over a decade.  What intelligence-gathering reason is there to keep the oxygen flowing?  Holder’s trial venue game stopped long ago and, apparently, with it the chance of due punishment for KSM and Major Hasan. Swift and sure must be the consequence for harming us.  The sooner the punishment relative to the event, the closer the connection to the deed itself.  This is not to suggest that the indictment, discovery, and trial should be cursory.  But the wheels should never stop, and they should always move at a steady and deliberate pace. But the...(Read Full Post)