2015: The year Democrats change Obamacare?

There were many stories from the 2014 election, such the disillusionment of the Democrat base that stayed home coupled with a motivated conservative base. In my view, there were two reasons for the GOP victory, from the state level to Washington, D.C. The first reason was the incomprehensive nature of Obamacare, or a law so complex that not even those who supported it understand what's in it, how it works, or how it will impact the very same people they were hoping to help.    In fact, there are now serious people like John C. Goodman saying that the law is actually hurting "low-income workers," the biggest irony of all: The primary purpose of the Affordable Care Act was to make health insurance affordable for people with modest incomes. Yet as the employer mandate begins to kick in for 2015, the law is already hurting some of the people it was intended to help. By this time next year, we may find that many workers who earn within a...(Read Full Post)