Wishful thinking about Cuba

Let's say that the men and women at the NY Times are persistent when it comes to writing about Cuba.   The past  weekend's latest Cuba editorial identifies some truths about Cuba: Under Communist Party rule, Cubans endure the austerity of living under a stagnant, centrally planned economy. Their access to the Internet is severely limited and censored. The island’s official press is wholly subservient to the state. Outside the rigid mechanisms of the party, Cubans have few substantive vehicles to challenge their leaders. The editorial also blames the U.S. for the lack of opposition of Cuba.  They say that the embargo rallied Cubans against the U.S.  Let me say two things about that: 1) I have never heard a Cuban dissident blame the U.S.  Instead, they blame Castro and some go to jail for it; and 2) I guess that no one at the editorial board has a clue of the repressive nature of the Castro regime.  In...(Read Full Post)