Valerie Plame proves she is a big phony

Remember when Valerie Plame was the poster girl for Bush and Cheney-haters?  A desk jockey at the CIA with some flowing blonde hair claim to glamour (in terms of image exploitation, a Wendy Davis-like figure), Plame was supposedly endangered when her name was supposedly leaked by someone in the Bush administration, supposedly in retaliation for her husband Joe Wilson’s criticism of Iraq War policy. Good-looking woman + major project of the left + opportunity for outrage = major media campaign of vilification of a conservative target.  Cue the magazine spreads in Vanity Fair, cue the movie premieres, cue the congressional testimony, cue the birth of a new heroine of the left. Her husband and others fantasized about Karl Rove being “frog marched” out of the White House for his imagined crime of endangering the glamorous and brave and patriotic new heroine.  Never mind that Plame’s field stationing in the CIA was long past – she...(Read Full Post)