Soldier wants to be with wife and baby for Christmas

Okay, American Thinker readers, get your pencils out. It’s time for a multiple choice test.

First, the background.

You’re an Army sergeant home on military leave to be with your wife and daughter, born two weeks ago. You haven’t seen your wife in six months. Your wife is a student living in an apartment complex with the baby. It’s a couple of weeks before Christmas so you look forward to spending the entire time with your family.

The apartment complex landlord:

(a) Arranges a festive welcoming party, balloons, hats, etc.

(b) Personally and profusely thanks you for your service.

(c) Agrees to let you stay as long as you like free of charge.

(d) Tells you to get out after a week or you’ll be arrested.

This story is taking place in:

(a) New York

(b) California

(c) Massachusetts

(d) South Carolina

If you answered anything other than (d), you fail the test – though I doubt anyone reading this note would do that. Details here.

The Fox station that reported the story contacted an attorney to ask if arrest was real a possibility according to lease terms. Answer: No.

What can we say about the landlord that’s fit to print? How about:

(a) He/she is a Democrat, voted for Obama twice.

(c) Wants significant cuts in military spending, more for “entitlements.”

(c) Believes America is the cause of everything wrong with the world.

(d) All of the above.

Okay, we have no information, but this sounds too easy.

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