Rolling Stone Strikes Another Blow to 'War on Women' Agenda

On Friday, Rolling Stone Magazine had to admit that a rape story they created was a complete farce.  They created a major story titled "A Rape on Campus," which detailed a young freshman's depressing account of being gang-raped.  Right from the start, many online questioned the story.  It was believed that Rolling Stone had an agenda, regardless of the facts. Sexual assault exists.  Rape exists.  The psychological effects that a rape victim experiences makes Rolling Stone's sex-bating fake story all more incomprehensible.  But this is just the latest blow from a magazine that hasn't been relevant for almost twenty years. The downfall of the magazine really started when music critic Jim DeRogatis revealed he was fired from there after giving a new Hootie and the Blowfish album a bad review in 1996.  The magazine replaced the review with a more positive one.  In the end, "Fairweather Johnson" turned the band...(Read Full Post)