Reducing the Republic to Political Ruins

Here's the one Ferguson video that sort of says it all:

We've run up an $18-trillion national debt to feed, house, clothe, and recreate generations of these "unarmed teenagers" so they may have the time, energy, and deconstructed culture to do this whenever one of their thug brothers tries to shoot a police officer with his own pistol while he's patrolling in his police cruiser trying to maintain public order in a state-subsidized urban murder jungle?

And these "unarmed teenagers" will be enfranchised with a command of the nation's political future fully equal to the votes of the productive and law-abiding citizens upon whom they prey?

A political future that will eventually include 20-30 million equally enfranchised scofflaw peons from failed Latin American nations, whose votes will cancel those of an ever diminishing pool of overtaxed birthright nationals?

And the keepers of the culture continue assuring them all they're the blameless victims of an unearned "white privilege" whose only salvation is worshiping the golden calves of diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice?

Someone once said insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.

If reducing the American Republic to political ruins isn't an act of national insanity, then it can only be the act of a historically criminal governing class.

Perhaps, perversely, extreme affluence is as great a cause of one species of ignorance as profound poverty is of another – a prospect we now seem culturally destined to discover.

At any rate, a prodigal America seems hell-bent on squandering the political heritage of its founders.

Our children and grandchildren will surely rue our folly.