Hillary hesitating on purpose?

Hillary Clinton may or may not run for president.  It's 50-50 in my mind, and it's all about the Obama legacy that she can't detach from.

We read in Politico that there may be a little hesitation:

Backers and allies of Hillary Rodham Clinton are increasingly worried about the threat posed by a motley field of Democratic presidential hopefuls who could complicate, or even derail, a Clinton candidacy in 2016 by focusing attention on her weaknesses.

All of the possible challengers are long shots against Clinton and would face a steep climb against the well-known former secretary of state. Many Clinton supporters also say competition would help her by honing her campaigning skills and discouraging the sense of entitlement that damaged her White House bid in 2008.

But each of the emerging challengers also appeals to a constituency within the Democratic Party that Clinton has struggled with in the past. And unlike Clinton — who has yet to formulate a clear message for a potential campaign — each has distinct issues to build a campaign around.

I think that the hesitation could be real or part of a larger plan.

First, Hillary Clinton's candidacy is not that strong.  She is very likely to be challenged from the left, her very weak spot.  Another problem is that she was under 50% against very GOP candidate in a recent poll.  She is not creating any excitement, as we saw when she spoke before a lot of empty seats recently.

Second, Hillary Clinton may be buying some time and waiting for to announce next summer.  She already has the organization and money, so a delay won't hurt her.  At the same time, a delay will keep the media away just as the Obama foreign policy comes undone.  A little absence from public view could actually do her a lot of good.  She won't have to answer questions from the media.

Finally, I can't read Hillary Clinton's mind.  She may decline to run, indeed.  However, I'm betting on the reality that she just wants to be away from answering questions.  After all, the nomination is waiting for her, even if she faces a challenge along the way.

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