Jihad and Denial

Within days of the recent YouTube release and subsequent removal of an Islamic State video commanding Muslims to kill unbelievers everywhere, with particular emphasis on France, dozens of people were injured in three separate attacks in France, and two police officers were shot and killed in Brooklyn. Another attack in France occurred Monday night when shots were fired at a synagogue in Paris, and an attack was thwarted when a man armed with guns and a knife was arrested in Cannes.  Yet referring to these attacks as Islamic terrorism remains taboo. The French jihadist commands Muslims to pledge allegiance to the leader of the Islamic State, Sheikh Abu Bakr Baghdadi, and to “kill them [unbelievers], kill them, no matter where they are, kill them… blow up their heads, be it with a stone, a knife, anything” – all consistent with Islamic teachings and Islamic history from the time of Mohammed’s nascent Islamic state in Medina.  A day later, a...(Read Full Post)