Fact-Checking the Clean Energy and Climate Change Fact Sheet for Tennessee

The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy has a “fact sheet” asking, "How Will Climate Change Impact Tennessee?" Of course, climate change has impacted Tennessee to such a degree that there has been absolutely no trend in its statewide average temperature since records began in 1895. According to the fact sheet, "changing weather patterns also means increased drought events. Drought and heat waves have a particularly negative effect on Tennessee's dirty, high-risk energy generation resources."  Instead, what we find are statistically significant trends toward fewer droughts – not more – in the state over the past 120 years, which is consistent with the "fact" that there is a statistically significant trend towards more annual precipitation since 1895.  The long-term correlation toward less drought is also evident in each of the state's climate divisions. The alarmism continues: The May 2010 deluge that...(Read Full Post)