Eleanor Clift goes over a cliff

During part one of The McLaughlin Group's year-end awards show that aired on December 26, the group was asked what the "Fairest rap" award for 2014 was.

Here was Eleanor Clift's answer (starting at 11:30 into the video), following Pat Buchanan, who had just finished saying the "fairest rap" was that ISIS is genuinely an evil organization:

Fairest rap that climate change is an existential threat and could lead to the extinction of the planet.

The extinction of the planet?  You mean, say, that we raise greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere to such an extent that the planet's temperature rises so high that the planet itself ultimately melts and evaporates into space?

Hysterical statements such as these highlight the utter absurdity of the climate alarmism movement.  Perhaps John McLaughlin needs to move toward getting some more rational guests on the left side of the group?