Giuliani to de Blasio: say to police that you're sorry

Some unsolicited and unwanted advice yesterday from former mayor Rudy Giuliani to current mayor Bill de Blasio of New York, on Face the Nation.  Jessica Chasmar in the Washington Times:

Rudy Giuliani said Sunday that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio owes law enforcement an apology for creating “an impression with police that he was on the side of the protesters.”

“Mayor de Blasio, please say you’re sorry to them for having created a false impression of them,” Mr. Giulianisaid on “Face the Nation” Sunday.

“You did create a false impression of them. Say you’re sorry. Say you didn’t realize. Say you didn’t realize you have … a nonwhite police department, in terms of [the] majority,” the former New York City mayor added.

Giuliani did stress that de Blasio is not to blame for the deaths of Officers Ramos and Liu:

“The mayor of the city of New York should not be blamed for the murder of those police officers. That issue should not have been injected. It’s wrong. I told the mayor that yesterday. And I don’t support that,” Mr. Giuliani said. “You have to respect the mayor’s position.”

Nonetheless, this is a serious and meaningful criticism of the incumbent mayor from a nearly legendary predecessor, the man who earned the nickname “America’s mayor” for his leadership of the city in the crisis of 9/11/2001.  By implying that de Blasio does not even realize that his police force is majority non-white, Giuliani offers a devastating portrait of a man out of touch with his job.

Few if any people think de Blasio is likely to apologize to his police force – his campaign was run on the premise that stop and frisk policies are racist because black people are stopped more frequently than their proportion of city residents.  As a committed leftist, de Blasio would find it hard to reverse himself on this issue.  Which means continued turmoil for New York City.