Arrogant Greenpeace creeps damage ancient site that cannot be repaired

Radical environmentalists are religious fanatics, convinced that their beliefs can save the world and arrogantly dismissive of all other considerations.  How else to explain the unspeakable damage done in Peru to one of the world’s most precious artifacts of ancient civilizations? Ben Spencer of the U.K. Daily Mail: Greenpeace activists have been forced to apologise after damaging an ancient Peruvian monument during a publicity stunt. Activists from Greenpeace placed a banner next to a figure of a hummingbird, carved more than 1,500 years ago, in a bid to highlight the case for action at the UN climate summit in Lima. The Peruvian government said it would press criminal charges against Greenpeace activists who left footprints close to the carvings. This is utterly sickening.  Even if global warming were not a fraud, this self-righteous appropriation of the precious cultural heritage of mankind would be out of bounds.  The damage cannot be...(Read Full Post)