An unflattering portrait of Hillary Clinton by the NYT

The New York Times published on Saturday a somewhat scathing portrayal of Hillary Clinton by Peter Baker and Amy Chozik, focusing on her time as First Lady. Anger, paranoia, temper-tantrums, ego, ambition -- all there and more.  The paper points out that she has been peddling a line to her presidential bid that flatters herself as a working mom, juggling the demands of a young daughter and a career while championing women’s rights, supporting her husband during periods of economic growth and enduring withering personal attacks. The reality is far more complicated -- and interesting. She was, from an early time, very calculating, and nursed resentments, gaving into her anger. Apparently, those stories about temper tantrums were not just the creation of fabulists after all. Lest we forget before here was Obamacare there was HillaryCare. Excerpts: Now carefully controlled at 67, then she was fiery and unpredictable, lobbing sarcastic jabs in private meetings...(Read Full Post)