Why does Jonathan Gruber still have a job at MIT?

It appears that hoodwinking the American people can be fun and profitable.  Fox News found, via a review of state and federal websites, that Jonathan Gruber earned $6 million in fees over the last 15 years. But the real question is, why does Gruber still have a job at MIT?  He has admitted to fraud, lying, and deceit.  Can you imagine what the response would be if a conservative professor admitted to the kind of subterfuge that Gruber admitted to?  Students would have started a letter-writing campaign to oust him.  Other professors would have demanded his removal.  Administration officials would reluctantly announce that, though they believe in academic freedom, the conservative professor's sins are too great to ignore, and they were letting him go. Gruber's been teaching at the university since 1992.  Where are the guardians of academic truth?  And where are the media, who, apparently, haven't bothered to ask MIT for their...(Read Full Post)