What Happened to 'Demographics'?

For some time, we've been hearing about demographics and the inevitable Democrat majority: young people and Hispanics.  Rick Teixeira developed the idea and predicted a lot of Democrat victories: the emerging Democrat majority! The GOP does not look like a party in decline after six years of President Obama.  On the contrary, there is success all over, as Charles Kesler wrote: "In the House of Representatives, they will hold a majority nearly 250 seats strong, their largest showing since Herbert Hoover won the presidency in 1928. Though final numbers are not in, the GOP now controls both houses of the state legislatures of 30 states, its highest number since 1920. In all likelihood, Republicans will exceed their historic high for state legislative seats, set in 1928. And they took back the U.S. Senate, by margins comparable to what they enjoyed in the splendid Republican decade of the 1920s." Is this party that was going out of business...(Read Full Post)