Warmth Is Good; Cold Is the Killer

For decades, green extremists have been spreading doomsday forecasts of global warming. 

But where do we find the greatest abundance of life on land?  Follow the equator around the globe – the Amazon, the Congo, Kenya, Indonesia, and New Guinea – all places where it is warm and wet. 

 And where is life such a struggle that few species live there? Go toward the poles – Siberia and the cold deserts of Antarctica and Greenland.
Where do most tourists go in winter?  Few go to Alaska or Iceland – most head toward the warmth of the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Black Sea, and Bali.  

Which season is most welcomed?  It is not the first frost, nor the first snowstorm, but the first cherry blossoms, the first robins, and the welcome green shoots of new spring pasture.

  Land life multiplies in summer – many mammals hibernate or die in winter.

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