Warmists Watch Wrong Weather Warnings

Climateers keep trumpeting alarms that glaciers and ice sheets are melting, thus threatening land-based life with rising seas and supporting their dubious claims that Earth faces catastrophic global warming. 

Life on Earth cannot be extinguished by a sun-warmed atmosphere or retreating ice – sea levels merely rise steadily as land-based ice melts, animals and plants migrate, and the slowly warming seas expel carbon dioxide.  This allows the biosphere to thrive with more ice-free land in a benign, warmer, wetter, carbon-rich world. 

 The threats we should fear are the periodic violent eras of volcanism and the life-killing ice ages, many of which start with massive snow/hail storms, such as the one that suddenly extinguished the mammoths.  This is why many ancient peoples celebrated the warmth of spring and worshiped the Sun God.  

For too long the Western world has been misled by alarmist claims that a tiny trace of carbon dioxide gas in the...(Read Full Post)