New York to launch taxpayer-funded 'shame campaign' against guys who sit wrong

Tell a woman to keep her legs closed, and you get a Slut Walk marching through your town.  Tell a man to keep his legs closed, and you're now a feminist hero in New York. Yesterday, TIME Magazine published an article bemoaning some men's tendency to sit in subway cars with their legs spread out.  "It's like they have an imaginary sumo wrestlers sitting on the floor in front of them," Brian Moylan complains.  "The problem with leg spreaders is that they are breaking the social contract that we need to abide by to survive in New York City." When a liberal brings up "the social contract," reach for your wallet.  In this particular iteration, residents of New York get to pay their government to "Target Seat-Hogging Jerks With New PSAs." "[S]pace-hogging," says Margaret Elby at Brooklyn Magazine, "is one of those invisible trappings of privilege."  On Twitter, feminist Guardian...(Read Full Post)