'Obsolete' Warthogs head to Iraq

This fall, the Air Force announced that A-10 Thunderbolt ground attack jets would join the fight against ISIS in Iraq. Earlier in the year, the Air Force sought to scrap the entire fleet of A-10’s, citing budgetary concerns and technical obsolescence as the major reasons. Congress refused to go along with the Air Force’s proposal, and recent events seem to have vindicated Congress. In the fight against ISIS, the U.S. first deployed carrier-based F/A-18 Hornet fighter-bombers; evidently they didn’t get the job done. The Air Force sent the A-10s, (affectionately called Warthogs), to perform a very specific mission: prevent Iraqi Government and Kurdish forces from losing by providing close air support. While experts have debated the long term feasibility of close air support in an era of anti-aircraft missiles, the impact of close air support cannot be debated; the effects are devastating. Engineers designed the A-10 for close air support, and only close air...(Read Full Post)