Michael Brown Parents' Bad Influence Plays Out on the National Stage

As bad as Sybrina Fulton's neglect and financial exploitation of little angel Trayvon Martin was, Lesley McSpadden's profanity-laced rant after the grand jury decided not to indict Officer Wilson makes Fulton look like Mother of the Year. Take a listen to Mama McSpadden and Michael Brown's convicted felon stepdad, Louis Head.  Yes, the same pair, along with twenty others who allegedly tried to crack a few skulls after they caught granny and a cousin selling Michael Brown merchandise in Ferguson a month ago.  Both could be charged with felony assault for that little temper tantrum. McSpadden and Head are two peas living in one messed up pod.  Imagine little Michael trying to grow up with a mom who's got a foul mouth and likes to hang with felons.  Head was recently paroled on federal firearms charges related to the manufacture, sale, and distribution of narcotics.  Head's also a former Bloods gang leader out of St....(Read Full Post)