Live from the Washington Post, it's desperation night!

Now celebrating its 40th year on the air, the people at Saturday Night Live, SNL to the cognoscenti, are finally secure enough, mature enough, and known enough to realize that gosh darn it, people like them, and they can broaden their appeal to occasionally include some more knowledgeable folks without losing their younger, shallower, more liberal fans. And so, last Saturday night, the show's classic introductory opening consisted of a mild satire of President Obama's executive order okaying illegal immigration.  Presented as a Schoolhouse Rock program on that history class/civics class staple lesson How A Bill Becomes A Law, an SNL cast member, costumed as a bill, dutifully explains his role.  Too bothersome for President Obama, as the SNL President Obama shoves bill down the stairs.  Down, down, down he bounces as Executive Order arrives to take over.  Undaunted, Bill climbs back up the stairs, sincerely advising the president, "Look at...(Read Full Post)