Karen Armstrong is wrong, wrong, wrong on Bill Maher

"Why is Kim Kardashian famous?" I hear this complaint a lot.  Me? Kim Kardashian doesn't bother me any so I don't complain about her.  I know why she's famous.  She's good looking and she gets naked in front of cameras.  Here's my rant: Why is Karen Armstrong famous? Armstrong and her fans are doing way more damage to the world than Kim Kardashian will ever do.  If you don't listen to National Public Radio or watch TED, you might not know who Karen Armstrong is.  Left-leaning media regularly trot out Armstrong to reassure the masses that Islam is a religion of peace and that Christianity and the West are responsible for the world's woes.  Armstrong's opinion is meant to be authoritative because Armstrong is, we are repeatedly told, a "scholar." Armstrong is 70 years old, she is plain, and she speaks with a plummy English accent.  She may even wear blazers with leather patches at the...(Read Full Post)