Is Jonathan Gruber a Michael Mann without academic freedom defense?

Jonathan Gruber and Michael Mann are both professors who received taxpayer money while promoting what many believe is verifiable dishonesty. Mann is the Climategate figure sued by Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli for obtaining state funding based on his “hockey stick” chart falsely representing climate patterns. Mann’s hockey stick, like Gruber’s Obamacare schtick, was used for purposes of influencing public policy.  In the public policy arena, even false information merits First Amendment protections.  The cure for false policy information in our republic is the truth. For his Obamacare consultations with the feds and various states, Gruber has pocketed nearly $6 million per at least one account. Cuccinelli’s lawsuit was based not in protected speech, but in Mann’s allegedly false statements designed to procure state funding for his research and promulgation of his falsified “science.” The suit was filed...(Read Full Post)