Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone 'catastrophic'

President Obama addressed the troops fighting Ebola in West Africa, claiming that the disease in Liberia showed signs of abating. That's what the WHO said earlier in the week, but some observers on the ground point out that simply counting Ebola cases in hospitals is pretty useless because most new cases are being treated by the family in their homes. Deaths perweek from Ebola in Liberia are down slightly so perhaps there's a glimmer of hope. But no such hope exists in Sierra Leone where Doctors Without Borders is reporting that whole villages are wiped out and the disease keeps popping up in new places all the time. AFP: Ebola has wiped out whole villages in Sierra Leone and may have caused many more deaths than the nearly 5,000 official global toll, a senior coordinator of the medical aid group MSF said Friday. Rony Zachariah of Doctors Without Borders, known by its French initials MSF, said after visiting Sierra Leone that the Ebola figures were...(Read Full Post)