DoD renames 'unlawful combatants' as 'unprivileged enemy belligerents'

I swear, this does not come from The Onion. Via Glenn Reynolds,  Ed Morrssey, Steven Aftergood and Olivier Knox, we learn that the Federation of American Scientists noticed: When it comes to Department of Defense doctrine on military treatment of detained persons, “unlawful enemy combatants” are a thing of the past. That term has been retired and replaced by “unprivileged enemy belligerents” in a new revision of Joint Publication 3-13 on Detainee Operations, dated November 13, 2014. But Ed Morrissey looked into the origin of this change in nomenclature, and discovered the DoD is not to blame:  If anyone’s to blame for the blandification of nomenclature … it’s Congress. The new revision to the DoD manual brings the terminology in line with 10 U.S. Code § 948a, which provides definitions for detainee policies rewritten by Congress to refine the military-commission process. It provides a...(Read Full Post)