Ruling class bullies defied on anti-'Redskins' campaign

One of the most egregious and pervasive examples of the left wing ruling class exercising its cultural dominance is the vicious campaign to force the Washington Redskins football tram to abandon its historic name.  History and tradition are an intrinsic part of sports teams, and if the serfs can be forced to capitulate and abandon their beloved team name, then the door is opened to further cultural control being exercised with less resistance. It is in multiple senses a symbolic battle aimed at breaking the will of the American people. The potentates of political correctness have declared the name “Redskins” is “hate speech.” The Washington Post editorial board self-righteously proclaimed it would no longer use the term on their editorial pages. Gadfly lawyer John Banzhaf is petitioning the FCC to suspend the license of a Washington, DC area radio station owned by the proprietor of the Redskins for employing the term, potentially But these bullies do...(Read Full Post)