Obama vs. Ebola

In light of his press conference Thursday, Obama is making the same mistake in dealing with the question of travel bans as he did in Iraq and Afghanistan: he places far too much reliance on his experts in the Ivory Tower than he does the boots on the ground, whether commanders in the field or doctors and nurses in our hospitals. While he stresses that he is not philosophically opposed to travel bans, he remains steadfast in his refusal to institute them, relying on advice from his experts — Frieden, Fauci, and now Burwell -- who isn’t a doctor but is most likely parroting her medical peers.    These infectious disease mavens inform the president that “if we institute a travel ban instead of the protocols that we put in place now” history proves there would be a “likelihood of increased avoidance,” people won’t disclose their information, they will break up their travel to hide exposure, “we may end up...(Read Full Post)