Metropolitan Opera opens anti-Semitic opera 'The Death of Klinghoffer'

In the face of the New York Metropolitan Opera’s decision to produce The Death of Klinghoffer despite pleas from thousands including Met Opera subscription holders, New Yorkers, clergymen, politicians, journalists, dignitaries and citizens, the opera’s composer John Adams stated,“for all of the brutality and the moral wrong that they perpetrated in killing this man, they’re still human beings and there still has to be reasons why they did this act.”  It is this moral equivalence that is not only repugnant but that resulted in what I would estimate was over 1,000 protestors rallying across the street from the Met at the opera’s opening night Monday.  Organized by a group of individuals who came together united against the Met’s production of an anti-Semitic opera that glorifies terrorism, the rally was beyond a success.  With months of press both positive and negative, the Met’s Peter Gelb stood stubbornly by his...(Read Full Post)