Green group's abuse of animal-rescuing farmer gets a hearing

A green group, the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC), complains that a farmer with over 200 rescued animals has hot running water at her farm. Virginia farmer Martha Boneta is well known for being charged by Fauquier County with violating the law for having a birthday party at her farm for eight 10-year old girls without a permit. The PEC’s complaints directed at Martha, who has over 200 rescued farms animals in a no-kill environment, are perhaps even more absurd and sickening. Boneta acquired her farm subject to a conservation easement held by the Virginia Outdoors Foundation (VOF) and the PEC. The easement allows her to have commerce at her farm, but not a residence. The PEC is a well-financed 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that conducts quarterly inspections of Martha’s farm, and with which Boneta has had court skirmishes over their aggressive, bullying and deceitful tactics. Boneta is also known for being audited by the IRS under rather curious...(Read Full Post)