Ebola Government Malfeasance

When I see patients with serious eye diseases, they want confidence that I will do my best in treating them, relying on my training, experience, and judgment. They expect my best efforts regardless of their race, gender, political views, or insurance plan. Patients cannot understand their disease and treatment options at the level I do, so it comes down to trust. Trust that I as a physician will be honest and tell my patient what they need to know. Within the current Ebola outbreak, rapidly becoming a public health nightmare, the government and its agencies replaces the physician, and the American public replaces the individual patient. So the question is, can the public trust the government in communicating honestly and acting in the best interests of the people it represents? For a physician, communicating honestly with patients is a must. Sure there can be differences of opinion in terms of which drug or surgical approach would be best for a particular patient. But the...(Read Full Post)