CAIR Strongly Condemns ISIS

A little deconstruction by Robert Spencer reveals empty posturing which, no doubt, the Islamodupes in the press and White House will swallow hook, line and sinker. Jihad ISIS is reminded that only the Caliph can declare “offensive” jihad but that “defensive” jihad is obligatory. Defensive jihad must be waged when Islam is under attack. No claim to the effect that Islam is not under attack and therefore ISIS is wrongly waging offensive jihad. Given that Islam divides the world into Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb (the House of Islam and the House of War) the message here is? And is not ISIS under attack? A non-condemnation condemnation. Dhimmitude There is no compulsion in religion. Infidels have three choices. It is entirely up to them: conversion, dhimmitude, or death. But CAIR admonishes ISIS that these choices apply only to those who are combatants or support combatants or who are “transgressors” against Islam. Of course, all the sneaky...(Read Full Post)