Sexist Sharks Baffle PC Scientists

Certain scientists in Australia are utterly baffled as to why “Sharks are nine times more likely to kill men than women.”  We also have: “Men are targeted in 84 per cent of all unprovoked shark attacks, and make up 89 per cent of all shark bite fatalities - which means that women are statistically more likely to survive a shark attack.” In spite of the scientific obsession with evolution these “scientists” just can’t seem to assemble obvious explanatory candidates. Might this be because the PC “scientific” left treats evolution exactly the same way it treats the Constitution, which means that invocation is done on a basis of strait-jacketed convenience?  According to the Telegraph article, the scientists offer, on a completely speculative basis, that the above differences might be ascribable to the idea that “Potentially men spend more time in the water, and are more risk-prone.” Maybe...(Read Full Post)