Obo Makes Joe Look Presidential

This has been a bad year for Barack Obama, and it’s getting continually worse.  It has become especially bad when he gets upstaged by the selfsame moron he selected to be his vice president as impeachment insurance.  At a time when many of those who voted their hopes for this new messiah twice are beginning to understand the underlying problem of a legislative voting record exceptional only for its “present” votes, up on the stage leaps the Democratic Party’s clown prince, who, with a few fiery words, makes his boss look like a dithering, tongue-tied equivocator of the worst degree, unworthy of his center-stage position in world affairs.

You gotta hand it to old Joe, an opportunistic pol to his very core: he saw an opportunity to enhance his 2016 presidential chances and jumped right on it.  Joe may suffer from chronic hoof-in-mouth disease, but he’s assuredly better at reading the mood of the country than his wavering boss and his shadow.

Never mind that Joe doesn’t mean a word of his defiant declaration.  Like everything else about the guy, it’s all for the news cameras, the networks, and the next two years.

But for a few hours of the news cycle, Ol’ Joe, the sleazy ol’ pro, has made President Pinocchio and that Persian-borne puppeteer who is finally demonstrating to the world that she is not fit to be the first female American president, which is how she surely views herself, show that they just don’t have the grassroots instincts of a pol who has managed to stay in the Senate for decades with no meaningful accomplishments. Nope, Joe’s a pro; they’re just Chicago community organizers writ large on a stage so expansive that it dwindles them to diplomatic and patriotic speechlessness.

The growing danger for Obama/Jarrett here is that Ol’ Joe, their carefully planned impeachment insurance policy, may be self-canceling. If he fires up American ardor for military action that the commander of the chiefs is not prepared to satisfy, look out, Hillary.  Hey, it’s football season, so look at it this way: the administration fullback just delivered one helluva crack-back block on his own quarterback.  And that block is just one of many the fool tool with the ball is getting from all sides in a game he’s simply and honestly not up to playing.

As everything seemingly heads downhill for this subject of the world’s greatest affirmative action experiment, it must be particularly grating to Obo to realize that compared to him, Joe Biden looks good.

Perhaps even presidential…