Holder to announce major probe of Ferguson police

AG Eric Holder is diverting major Department of Justice resources to investigating the Ferguson, MO police department. The Washington Post reports:

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. this week will launch a broad civil rights investigation into the Ferguson, Mo., Police Department, according to two federal law enforcement officials.

The investigation, which could be announced as early as Thursday afternoon, will be conducted by the Justice Department’s civil rights division and follow a process similar to that used to investigate complaints of profiling and the use of excessive force in other police departments across the country, the officials said.

Holder diverts massive rsources even as the dimensions of the domestic failure to take seriously the ISIS threat to America become ever clearer. Minneapolis may be a hotbed of ISIS supporters, including one (now-deceased in the course of ISIS jihad in Iraq) man who had free access to passenger jets at a major airport), but Holder is sending his manpower into a St. Louis suburb where a strong-arm thief was shot by a police officer.  In this instance, the man shot by police was black, but in neighboring Kansas, police shot an unarmed white teenager and Holder remains serenely indifferent.

Megyn Kelly of Fox News highlighted the stark contrast of DoJ indifference to the ISIS cell in Minnesota while focusing on the death-by-cop incident where the corpse was black:

 We heard a month ago that the Department of Justice had some forty investigators assigned to the police shooting of an 18-year-old in Ferguson, Missouri. The question tonight: How many investigators have been assigned to track would-be terrorists in places like Minneapolis? … Senator Al Franken is now calling on the DOJ to do more.

Her guest, former DoJ official Tom Dupree, responded:

Well that’s the thing, Megyn, is that when Al Franken is criticizing you for being soft on terrorism, you’ve got an issue.

I would appreciate it if Holder, when he announces the Ferguson probe, were asked to respond to the Kansas shooting and to the evident security breakdown at MSP Airport, and justify his lavishing of resources on a case where the evidence that is coming in suggests the police did not shoot anyone in the back (as was earlier alleged) and the officer was justified in his use of force.