Not Impressed by President Obama's ISIS Message

Believe it or not, I was actually looking forward to a presidential speech that I could get excited about.  I was hoping that President Obama would prove me wrong and go to Congress for a war resolution.   Unfortunately, we got a speech telling our enemies what we would and would not do.  It's like the baseball manager who tells the other team that he is not bunting or taking the extra base or pitching inside. You can't play baseball like that.  You can't fight a war like that, either. Sadly, Charles Krauthammer is right.  The speech was all about politics: And beyond the strategy’s halfhearted substance is its author’s halfhearted tone. Obama’s reluctance and ambivalence are obvious. This is a man driven to give this speech by public opinion. It shifted radically with the televised beheading of two Americans. Every poll shows that Americans overwhelmingly want something to be done...(Read Full Post)