Motto of the Obama Administration: A Nation of Cowards

Imagine you consult an attorney with an important case. He says, “I'll accept your case, but I have to tell you at the start, I don't respect you. In fact, you're a coward.” The Obama administration entrusted the most important cases of our nation to an attorney general who held the people he was hired to represent in contempt. Presidential administrations have mottos. Theodore Roosevelt spoke softly but carried a big stick; John Kennedy pointed to new frontiers and self-sacrifice; Lyndon Johnson spoke of a great society. As Eric Holder departs, in order to recover from his verbal abuse of the American people, his insult needs to be viewed as the motto of the Obama administration. Racism is a universal limitation of the human mind. Psychologically, Holder's vilification of Americans as “[a] nation of cowards” is a reaction formation against the unique courage and righteousness of the American people in overcoming that limitation....(Read Full Post)