More costly free stuff in the land of entitlements

Yesterday hardworking David Long expressed amazement at all the free stuff available to people who willingly choose to work part time. Chicago- - coincidentally home of President Barack Obama (D) - has, temporarily I'm sure, done better than generous California in free stuff.   The Chicago Public Schools are now offering  Michelle Obama-approved free lunches for all! And while they're generously at it, free breakfasts too! Yep, no such thing as student embarrassment when the so called required family income documents for free lunch indicate the sucker parent(s) earn so much that the student only qualifies for reduced price lunch or - horrors!, even worse - must pay full price.  Or...must bring a lunch from home! All this new benevolence, leading to additional government dependency, will supposedly eliminate fraud and ease administration of the school lunch program for the school administration.  Not to mention qualify and reward the Chicago...(Read Full Post)